Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beadboard Backsplash.

Finally a day off! I've been working 56 hour weeks and appreciate this day off....immensely. I'm spending part of the day researching ideas for the bead board back splash I want to add to the kitchen. I've come across a few pictures that are inspiring and want to share them with you.

In my search for ideas on using bead board as a back splash, I came across a few articles that mentioned how difficult it is to clean the bead board; that was a discouraging piece of information, I needed options. Since the stove area has the most potential for making a mess on the back splash I've been considering what to use in this area. While on a shopping trip to Lowes I noticed some metal tile panels and thought they would make a great piece to go behind the stove. Lo-and-behold I found a photo where the home owner had incorporated this idea. It makes a great transition between the bead board panels; problem solved. Isn't this beautiful?

Before I left on this trip I had a little chat with my sweetie about the back splash, I showed him how far up on the wall I wanted the back splash to go. He stood a moment looking rather puzzled that I wanted the back splash to go that high and couldn't seem to compute the concept. Well, now I have a photo to show him. I love how high this home owner has placed their back splash. The layout of this sink area is much like my kitchen, with the window size and placement as well as the cabinets.

I love how this has been trimmed out. I was reading that you should use tile for the trim around the sink area. I need to research further but I would think that using regular trim and caulking well would be OK. But, I'm new to all of this and certainly don't want to be redoing something a year down the road. Any ideas?


  1. How beautiful Willa!! I can understand your concern hope someone is able to give you some suggestions.

  2. Sorry, no ideas but I LOVE your inspiration pictures! It's gonna look awesome when you get done and well worth the hassle! I would definitely keep looking till you found your answers because you're right... you don't want to be re-doing it any time soon. Best wishes with it.