Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why Pray?

A few months ago the Lord gave me an assignment to go to the center of our small town and pray for her. He had called me to do this a few years ago and I did it for a while but then I quit because I became busy with a full time job and other things. When He "recalled" me to this assignment I argued and hemmed and hawed for a couple of weeks, then He grew quiet...I know what it means when He grows quiet so I humbly repented and took my assignment.

The small town I live in has a heroin problem. Many young people are dying from over-doses and bad batches of the drug. Another thing is, some churches are dying or dead. There are many prodigals who have taken their spiritual inheritance and are spending them on the world. Many Christ followers have become pew warmers and no longer live in the fire of God; the passion is gone (I've been there) and they're no longer disciples (the desire to be taught, trained, disciplined, surrendered; I've been there too).

A couple of weeks ago I heard Abba tell me to "open the gate". I sat sipping my coffee and wondering what gate He wanted me to open. "Which gate Lord". Psalm 24:7-9 came to my mind: "Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let King of glory enter."  In my sanctified imagination I bent over, lifted the gate and motioned for the Kingly Rider to come in.  I welcomed the King of Glory to my town.  On my way home I considered maybe I had simply wanted this and over-did it.  "Lord, are you sure you called the right person to this, You know I can be imaginative".  No answer...yet.

I arrived home, took care of a few things and then checked the happenings going on with an intercessory group that I'm a member of. There, on the first posting, I saw this very same Scripture confirming the message I had received. 

7 Lift up your heads, O gates,
  And be lifted up, O ancient doors,
  That the King of glory may come in!

8 Who is the King of glory?
  The LORD strong and mighty,
  The LORD mighty in battle.

9 Lift up your heads, O gates,
  And lift them up, O ancient doors,
  That the King of glory may come in!

10 Who is this King of glory?
    The LORD of hosts,
    He is the King of glory. 

Why do I always question that it was from the Lord?????

Last Friday (4/21/17), I went to my assignment. I sipped coffee and prayed over my town.  I was reading the introduction of a book and it was talking about the rain...revival rain; I began to pray, "Lord let it start raining". I experienced a deep stirring of God in my spirit, deeper than other times I have prayed there. My spirit began to groan and a prayer of the Spirit rose up in me. I opened my mouth and released the prayer into the atmosphere of my town. I didn’t care if anyone heard me; if someone wants to know what that language was, well, that would be a great opening for a time of sharing my testimony. It was loud in the coffee shop with people talking and the expresso machine hissing.. I prayed there would be a rebuilding of altars to the Lord, a remodeling of spiritual lives.

Early this morning I dreamed that I was remodeling a house that belonged to my boss. It was finished and I handed him the key.  I woke up as we were planning a celebration of the finished work.

Today as I prepared to go to the coffee shop (Daily Grind) I was wondering if I was actually called to do this..."is this really an assignment, Lord". I got in my car and drove over; I parked and walked to the shop, IT WAS RAINING and the shop was closed for REMODELING.  I don't look for signs in things but sometimes when they are obvious all I can say is..THANK YOU LORD.  It's like receiving food so I can keep going in the strength of the Lord.

I know the remodeling dream was about me since most dreams are about the dreamer but this dream encouraged me, that God is hearing my prayers and is speaking to me about my town. Oh, while my hubby and I were on our little get away a couple of weeks ago, we went to see a local play....it was "OUR TOWN".

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