Friday, February 4, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Through the years I have accumulated a cupboard full of cups; some are huge mugs that will empty a coffee carafe in no time. Some are small dainty cups that will send you reaching for the tea pot filled with Earl Gray. I don't know how that cupboard became so full of cups. I've actually cleaned it out a time or two and still it is packed. Family and friends buy me cups/mugs, they must think I collect them since I have so many. But, I can't blame them alone for the stash of these ceramic and china goodies; I have purchased many of them myself; please don't ask why, sometimes I simply do insane things, like buy coffee mugs when I have a cupboard bulging with many I don't use. I am going to be cleaning out my cup cupboard and doing away with those that no longer fit my style. I'm on the look out for the cottage style.

I love these rose cups; they are the perfect size for a good cup of joe or a “spot” of tea. They are on my list of must haves for my cottage transformation.

They say “confession is good for the soul” so I will confess....I love cups! There, I said it! Now you know why my cupboard is really full. I have passed this obsession to my sweet daughter, Aly, she is collecting her own stash of cups. While she was in Paris a couple of years ago for her high school trip, she bought two cups in a Parisian store. After she went off to college, I used one of these cups for my morning coffee. I placed it on my studio table, got up to move a few things and heard the distinct sound of shattering glass. Yep, you guessed it, her Parisian cup was in pieces on the floor. There was no gluing it back together. My heart sank knowing that it was irreplaceable.

I found this sweet cup and saucer while browsing the Internet. I love it's hand painted look. Believe me, I've only just begun to shop for the cottage items I want for my cottage kitchen. I've bought several things but my list is growing and I'm still looking.

Sometimes, it's not about the cup but what's in the cup. This time of year a nice hot cup of coco is just what is needed to fight the winter doldrums; or a tall cup of cappuccino with a large dollop of rich cream. One of my favorite scriptures is

“Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that you mete with it shall be measured to you again”.

What a wonderful promise, just for giving. When I think of or read this verse I'm drawn to the part about "running over". It makes me think of a cup full running over the brim and filling up the saucer beneath. We've all, at one time or another, over filled a cup until it ran over into the saucer, or onto the counter. Often times we are aggravated because we have to clean up the mess. But this is an intentional over filling; a blessing that over fills the cup and runs and keeps running over. I can tell you that the times my husband and I have given, even with simplicity, it has come back to us. It may not be in nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars but it has come back in ways that money can't buy. Often these blessings run over on to others as well, blessing those around us and many in our sphere of influence. Now that's BLESSINGS!

Well, I am off to shop with some co-workers. I hope you enjoy your day!



  1. I love teacups and saucers and am blessed to have some real treasures that my "adopted" Granny Duncan gave me over the years. (We called her our cabbage patch Granny, what a wonderful soul she was!). Granny Duncan was born in 1899 and so you can well imagine some of the incredible, hand painted and exquisite porcelain tea cups she had accumulated in her life time. They are cups that keep overflowing for me with the remembrance of my darling Granny Duncan and I thank you for reminding me of them and especially for reminding me of her. Blessings to you Willa, Deb

  2. Tea cups - the stories they could share with us!

    Enjoying your new blog and your quest to envelope your home in it's own "Maywood Cottage" Style!

    Maywood Cottage, Country Cottage, Shabby Cottage, Vintage Cottage, English many ideas!-)

    Blessings to you, as I lift my own "cup" in spirit.

  3. Beautiful cups Willa! I am as primitive as can be yet I am always drawn to the dainty, beautiful rose cups and saucers when I go antiquing. I don't buy them, but I always have to admire them. So sad about the Parisian cup you broke, I'm hoping your daughter forgave you!

    Yes, our cups overflow. We are so very blessed... blessings abound everywhere!