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Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Time

Nothing says summer like fresh summer fruit off the vine.  I picked this bowl of blackberries off our vines this morning.  They are so warm and summery delicious, like sunshine on the taste buds.

We planted our thornless blackberry vines 5 years ago.  The first summer we eagerly awaited the blooms to fill the vines....didn't happen.  The second year we waited for the blooms.  There were a few but no fruit appeared behind them.  The third year, with little hope and convinced our vines were from a non-producing off shoot, we checked them and to our delight there were some blooms with the tell-tale signs of fruit.  A few times a week we checked on the fruit and was delighted to see the berries were growing.  That year we only harvested a hand full or two, the bears and deer enjoyed the rest.

By the 4th year the vines were loaded with berries.  We made jars and jars of blackberry jam, cooked yummy blackberry cobbler with scoops of ice-cream and put some in the freezer to enjoy in the deep cold grip of winter.

This year is another abundant harvest.

Till Next Time

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Daze

 Have you ever noticed how silent snow is yet it makes a big statement?

It covers the landscape in a blanket of softness and rubs off the rough edges

It's color-less brightness

Soft yet heavy

This might be the last significant snowfall we have for the season.  SadieMae and I are intent on enjoying it.  Minus the shovelling part.

Did you hear that?
Till next time

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Problem With Indecision

Do you ever have those days when you can't make a decision?

That's the kind of day I had this weekend.

I've had these glass canisters for a couple of years and want to change them up a little so I decide to paint them.

Then I decided not to

Instead I would paint the front square with some chalkboard paint

Then I decided not to

I'd rather paint them


I changed my mind again


The problem with indecision is that it immobilizes a person

Instead of getting something done

You become stalled

I don't like being stalled so..

I decided to do something smaller and see if that would help in my decision process.

Looking around my kitchen I found a pickle jar that my husband was using to keep some San Francois Bay coffee cups (essentially K-Cups) in.  I remember a couple of weeks ago when he cleaned this jar up, I knew then I would need to "doctor" the it up.  I couldn't just have a pickle jar sitting on my counter. 

This is the before

                                       Yep, it's a Vlasic pickle jar

                                       Honestly, I like the painted look


Maybe I have finally made a decision


Only Believe

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Don't Hate Me...

Because I love winter.   There is so much I love about this season.  As a matter of fact I have listed 10 reasons why I love winter on my blog "The Old Cupboard Door".  You can read it HERE

Honestly, it's been a cold winter so I can understand why many people are yearning for a breath of spring.  With these frigid temps, we're having and expected to see for the next week, I'm beginning to hear the faint whisper of longing for some warm spring days myself.

Yesterday we received 6 inches of snow.  My work place was closed so I enjoyed the day off with my family.

Here are a few photos I took.

The kids love this old tire swing.  Through out the summer they spent hours on on.  It looks so forlorn this season.

All lined up and ready to blaze some snow trails.  Actually, the kids had been on them before I snapped this photo.  They were ready to go in and warm up.

I think their breeches are full of snow!  They took so many runs down the hill and some tumbles as well.

It was a fun day at Maywood Cottage!

Till Next Time

Friday, January 10, 2014

Gazing Outside The Window

Yes, I have been gazing outside the window but someone else in the family has as well.  This seems to be Sadie's favorite spot, sitting by the patio doors that lead out to the back deck.  From this "Sadie spot" she can look out into the wooded back yard.  Every little thing that moves, she sees.  She watches the birds, deer, neighborhood dogs and cats as well as anything or anyone else that/who passes by. One day she kept the tax assessor at bay!  The poor fellow was to afraid to come near the house so he did his job at a distance.

It's been a cold winter here so Sadie has stayed in the house to survey her domain even though she has a doggie door where she can get out to the deck.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Blooms At Maywood Cottage

Nothing speaks cottage more than wisteria and roses.  Both are in full bloom here at the cottage.  I must admit since starting back to work in  2010 I have neglected my flower gardens but in spite of my ignoring their care my flowers have not held it against me and have bloomed beautifully.

I have so much to do in the gardens, you know the stuff you dont' want to do like weeding and dividing; they need some mulch and pruning back.  Honestly, I will get around to it soon.  I need a few days of vacation to get it all done.

  • The wisteria has bloomed profusely this year!  The fragrance is so heady, it's almost intoxicating.  I love to see the breeze blow through these vines and watch the spent blooms gently float through the air like snowflakes. 

In spite of my neglect of them, the roses are blooming like they have had the tender loving care that they deserve. 

Thanks for taking a peek at my gardens.

Till Next Time


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Giveaway

This snowman make-do is made from an old mill spool, styrofoam ball, wall mud, and magical snowflakes. I threw in some jingle bells, homespun, a cinnamon snowflake and an old sock. A generous helping of glass glitter makes him sparkle inside and out. Visit my prim blog for the tutorial on making him

Snowman Make-Do Tutorial