Saturday, April 16, 2011


Things are going slowly in the renovation department. Not only has it been slow it has been stressful. My darling sweet Sweetie has second guessed me the whole way so far and we are barely into it. What's the problem you might think (at least that is what I would be thinking if I were reading this on someone's post). Sweetie has completely fallen apart about painting the beautiful oak cabinets. What? Couldn’t something have been mentioned about this before we painted? It's kind of late to have hysterics in the middle of it all when there is a wet paint brush in hand and 3/4 of the wood has been painted. Mercy! I am going to be a basket case by the time this is finished. The counters are ordered and the templates are completed. The counters are scheduled to be installed on the 25th but more about that in a moment. Back to the story...a good friend went by her local Lowes to take a peek at the quartz I had ordered and told me she was surprised I had chosen that particular piece. There I go again second guessing myself! I love all the beautiful, colorful, busy quartz and granite patterns but kept finding myself drawn to the more subdued Corian patterns with its soft colors and less busy pattern. We were on the verge of buying the Corian when someone (actually the sales person) told us the down side of this surface. We knew it would scratch easily but it could be sanded out...right? Well, he showed us how easily it is scratched and how sanding it out leaves a dull finish afterward. Back to the drawing board. That's when I researched granite and quartz. When I saw the piece that we ordered I wasn't in love with it in the beginning til I took a look at the showcase counter top the store had installed. One look and I knew that was what I tell me to quit second guessing myself. By the way, I have deliberately not mentioned the pattern because I had rather show and tell once it is installed. And, personally, I think the cupboards are looking pretty good. I am painting the bottom cabinets a deep brown/black color. I was afraid to go completely black because I didn’t a black and white kitchen. Decisions, decisions…uuugh! Ok....when I typed the first paragraph I was on a business trip. I had asked my son to take some photos of the cupboards and email them to me. I kept checking my email but no photos. I then asked my sweetie to take pics and email them to me; again, no photos. I've been home 2 days and will be taking those photos tonight to show you a peek at part of the redo. We have the color for the lower cabinets and will be starting on those this weekend. Now for the counters; as I said they are being installed on the 25th of this month. I am leaving for another business trip that very day and will be gone around 5 weeks. While it seems unfortunate, things could be worse. This renovation has been in our minds for a while so I think I can wait another few weeks to see the finished product. I have been collecting items for decorating the kitchen onces I am finished. Of course that will be on hold until I get back, unless my Sweetie volunteers to do it while I am gone. I'm also changing the wall color, as you can see we werent to careful while we were painting the stationary parts of the cupboards. Now I wish we had been because I won't be able to paint until I can back, unless, again, my Sweetie does it while I am gone. Hmmmm, maybe that's an option. It's hard to second quess yourself if you aren't there...right???? Hopefully I will get some photos from the family while I am gone and if they do send them to me, I'll share with you. Until next time. ~willa~


  1. Your kitchen is looking great! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. Willa,

    Looking beautiful. I am getting ready to begin the EXACT same project. My cabinets are just like yours. We are gonna go a step further and have the center of a few cabinets cut out so we can insert glass to match a pantry door. Can you tell me what paint you are using? I'm just beginning to do some research on how to paint the cabinets so that the paint will be durable. Thanks for any information...I think you will LOVE the white...and the black...I am getting the stainless appliances too...great minds think alike 'eh? Miss you and love ya! Gorgeous kitchen!

  3. What is it with men and wood, they can't BEAR the thought of it being painted! Your kitchen will look beautiful Willa because you are doing it and YOU have fabulous taste, nuff said! I can't imagine how hard it must be to do this while you are constantly traveling for your business, I admire you immensely! Hope your sweetie does some painting for you while you are gone and takes a picture or two so we can see! As the saying goes, Keep Calm and Carry On! Deb