Monday, May 9, 2011

Ooops, my slip is showing....

I wasn't going to do this but decided to show my countertops even though everything is still under construction. In doing this, I kinda feel like I'm letting my slip show. The outfit has been picked out and donned to perfection, with all the accessories fitting to a T but then there's the slip showing inches below the perfect hemline. Oh well, we are all only human, right?

My son, Nick, took these photos. I hate to complain but I sure wish he had "fixed" "doctored" "hid the unperfection" before he sent them to me. I'm out of the area and on my laptop which doesn't have the program I use for cropping and doctoring the photo before I post them. And I would have liked a different view. But, I am grateful he sent them to me and that I can share my mess with you all.

The cabinets have been painted, the jewelry has been added, what remains is to add the bead board back splash and the painting. I'm a happy camper that we are almost there. So, any ideas on what color I should paint the beard board. I'm thinking the same color as the wall, or the same color as the top cabinets.....but, I'm not convinced that is what I want. What do you think?

Oh, by the way, I am seeing what you see. I have not seen these counter tops installed nor have I seen the finished colors on the cabinets. After all the flak my Darling Sweetie gave me on the choice of the cabinet colors, he has said that everyone who has seen them said they look wonderful, including him. He was surprised that they turned out so well. Before he finished painting the lower cabinets, he had a little anxiety about painting the bumpout (below the kitchen) sink the same as the upper cabinets but he said it turned out to be perfect. Why does he ever doubt me.

Did you notice we installed an instant hot water fixture? That was my Sweetie's reward for be so agreeable to this change, even though he was worried.

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  1. Cute analogy! =] I love it so far, looking great!