Friday, January 14, 2011

Shutters: a must have.

Cottage style shutters: One of the items I will be doing this Spring or early Summer. For me, shutters are like eyes brows to eyes; a cottage window without them is like a eyes without eyebrows, frameless.

Currently, I have vinyl shutters on the cottage, I would like to replace them with some made of wood. I have searched the internet for the style I want and they are expensive…I mean EXPENSIVE. So what’s a girl to do? I know what this girl is going to do; I’m going to enlist my Sweetie to make me some. This is similar to the shutter I would like him to make; They are almost on the shaker side so I'm not real firm in this decision; spring is a couple of more months off so I have time to change my mind.

I will also be adding some window planters, I've always loved them; they certainly speak cottage style to me. It will be an opportunity to garden, which I love to do. I've already researched the type of window planters I want. I can't wait to get started!

These are the shutters I have on the house, aren't they awful! I don't mind the color, it's that they are vinyl and I don't care for the style. I thought about painting them until I could order the shutters I want but everything I have read on painting vinyl sounds like it won't work; eventually they will fade and peel. What a mess that would be not to mention the extra work.


  1. I love the wood shutters! If your husband can make those what a blessings........My "sweetie" is handy too. Blessings and I really love your creative ideas.

  2. Thank goodness for handy hubbies! Love the shutters and I like the "plainness" of the Shaker style. I can just imagine your windows with your new shutters and your plant boxes overflowing with flowers, cottage STYLE indeed! Deb

  3. Oh, those cottage shutters would look great on your house. Pretty:)

  4. We have vinyl shutters, as well, and I have always hated them. They fade and then you can't really paint them. I want a simple cedar shutter that I can stain and matching window boxes. I had window boxes before but they rotted away and we never replaced them. This time I would seal the inside with some plastic to make them last longer.
    You are very lucky to have a handy man in the house!