Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn at Maywood Cottage

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The only negative thing about autum is that it is to short. There is so much to enjoy about this beautiful season. One of the things I enjoy doing is sitting on my front porch with a cup of coffee and a good book. Of course, SadieMae, our border collie won't let me sit out there by myself , she is hot on my heels when she sees me headed to the front door. I love driving up into our driveway this time of year and seeing the lovely colors of fall. This is a view from the bottom of our driveway. We had the driveway paved this week so those big ugly rocks have yet to be covered with some dirt.  That will be a spring project.
This is a view from the front porch. I hope to find the time to decorate the porch with the "decorating fixens" of this season. I haven't picked up one pumpkin yet. I will be sharing the finished photos once I have the decorating complete...I just hope it happens this year.

Another photo from my porch. This is the East view. Last year construction began on our neighbors house. The lot has been empty since we built here and we hoped to buy the lot at some point but it wasn't up for sell until we didn't have funds to buy it. It was bought by the vice principal of one our high schools.  Fortunately we have enough trees inbetween us to enjoy some privacy. Our property has almost 4 acres and most of it is wooded. I enjoy this place through all seasons.
This is a view off our back deck. There are lots of maples and oak trees that make up our wooded property. In the spring we enjoy wild dogwoods and redbuds. It's a beautiful view through all the seasons.

That's Maywood Cottage's Fall life.

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