Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Autumn Porch

I have noticed that many bloggers have Christmas graphics on their blogs already. I'm just not ready to start that season yet even though we have had a whiff of snow and the weather has turned grey and cold. There is still some color left in the trees so I want to continue to enjoy this season of the year.  Since it was a cool sunny day I got out to do some work in the yard. I gathered up most of the flower pots and dumped the dirt from them into the garden. I stored the pots and other garden knick-knacks in the room above the garage. Whew! I'm glad that is finished! While I was out I decided to snap a few photos to share here at Maywood Cottage.

My poor porch seats are in need of some attention. Since the season of enjoying the outdoors on the porch is coming to an end I think I will bring the seats and fabric in and try to finish them this winter. I purchased the fabric last year intending to make new seat covers this year but I was gone most of the spring and summer and, as you can see, didn't get "aroundtoit". So, I wrapped the fabric around the seats and as soon as it's to cold to sit outside I will bring them in and hopefully get to work on it.
I found this dry sink at a swap meet just up the street. I have been looking for something like this to put on my porch. It needs a new coat of paint ( I will get "aroundtoit" sooner or later) and some new knobs. At this point I think I will paint it green, a vintage green but I may change my mind by next spring.  The top is marble. We need something we can set our coffee on...or tea.

Another thing I would love to do is stain the concrete on the porch.  I would love a warm color to add some depth to that space.  It also needs an outdoor many things on my list of things to do.
My Sweetie and I enjoy having our coffee at this little table in the corner of the porch. Sometimes the grandbabies come up for a snack and this is a perfect place for them. We enjoy our porch through most of the seasons. We even sit out and enjoy the snow during the winter. With a cup of hot cocoa, coffee or tea, its a perfect place to enjoy watching a few flakes fall.

Those are some hydragas from my flower gardens.  They have such lovely colors this time of year.  I've put them into a copper watering pot. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Simply Beautiful! Snow will be here before we know it. Blessings!

  2. Willa your pictures are beautiful. Such a peaceful looking sitting area to enjoy any time.
    We had snow today and lots of wind. The foothills around us are snow covered and I'm afraid it's going to stay for a while. Enjoying the warmth of our wood stove and crafting today.


  3. Hi Willa. I just love your beautiful fall blog colors. And it looks so pretty and fallish at Maywood Cottage. I really like your dry sink, that was a great find. My porch is in need of a serious makeover and maybe one day I'll get to it.

    Thank you so much Willa, for coming by and leaving Neil and I such encouraging words and praying for us and his mom. Knowing your there sending up prayers is a great comfort.

    Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute