Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Problem With Indecision

Do you ever have those days when you can't make a decision?

That's the kind of day I had this weekend.

I've had these glass canisters for a couple of years and want to change them up a little so I decide to paint them.

Then I decided not to

Instead I would paint the front square with some chalkboard paint

Then I decided not to

I'd rather paint them


I changed my mind again


The problem with indecision is that it immobilizes a person

Instead of getting something done

You become stalled

I don't like being stalled so..

I decided to do something smaller and see if that would help in my decision process.

Looking around my kitchen I found a pickle jar that my husband was using to keep some San Francois Bay coffee cups (essentially K-Cups) in.  I remember a couple of weeks ago when he cleaned this jar up, I knew then I would need to "doctor" the it up.  I couldn't just have a pickle jar sitting on my counter. 

This is the before

                                       Yep, it's a Vlasic pickle jar

                                       Honestly, I like the painted look


Maybe I have finally made a decision


Only Believe

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