Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Don't Hate Me...

Because I love winter.   There is so much I love about this season.  As a matter of fact I have listed 10 reasons why I love winter on my blog "The Old Cupboard Door".  You can read it HERE

Honestly, it's been a cold winter so I can understand why many people are yearning for a breath of spring.  With these frigid temps, we're having and expected to see for the next week, I'm beginning to hear the faint whisper of longing for some warm spring days myself.

Yesterday we received 6 inches of snow.  My work place was closed so I enjoyed the day off with my family.

Here are a few photos I took.

The kids love this old tire swing.  Through out the summer they spent hours on on.  It looks so forlorn this season.

All lined up and ready to blaze some snow trails.  Actually, the kids had been on them before I snapped this photo.  They were ready to go in and warm up.

I think their breeches are full of snow!  They took so many runs down the hill and some tumbles as well.

It was a fun day at Maywood Cottage!

Till Next Time

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