Friday, January 10, 2014

Gazing Outside The Window

Yes, I have been gazing outside the window but someone else in the family has as well.  This seems to be Sadie's favorite spot, sitting by the patio doors that lead out to the back deck.  From this "Sadie spot" she can look out into the wooded back yard.  Every little thing that moves, she sees.  She watches the birds, deer, neighborhood dogs and cats as well as anything or anyone else that/who passes by. One day she kept the tax assessor at bay!  The poor fellow was to afraid to come near the house so he did his job at a distance.

It's been a cold winter here so Sadie has stayed in the house to survey her domain even though she has a doggie door where she can get out to the deck.


  1. A faithful guard and companion. how sweet


    PS didn't realize you had a second blog.